teddymd (teddymd) wrote,

Been a long time...updates

The House
For those who don't know, I help FoxCub work on his house... it's finally coming along and feels like were making progress.  If the weather will
hold out a few more weeks Id be the thrilled.

I'm going... time off request is in(and basically approved).  Hope to see all my furriends there and make many more.  If you need a ride out I may have space.  Be sure to check out the CubHub while you're there!

A while  ago I took a job that was meant only to be temporary and keep me from depleting my savings.  Needless to say I don't care to work retail for the Holiday season... That said I'm looking for something in IT.  Prior experience in database-driven web development PHP, MySQL, some Oracle) as well as small network admin IT managment for small business.  If you happen to know of anything out there hit me up!  If you want a little more insight it what I did or can do please ask... it's too lengthy to post.

For the theater folks...
I sold a customer a Festool sander and vacuum... (think  $800 for an orbital sander and vac)... he came back today and is sexed about the whole line and rightfully so (it's hot hot shit... even I dropped a ton of money on the suff).  But we get to talking and it turns out he does a lot of theater and event work and frequently runs large freelance crews... needless to say he promised me a phone call next time he needs any woodworking and carpenty help.  So I'm looking forward to the possibility of getting  paid to work with tools instead of look at them.

Okay... it's late ... I meant to write more... I'll post back tomorrow ;)

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